School Sucks

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know, school sucks. I’m sure you already knew that, but I just wanted to remind you.

As of this moment, I have been in school or working at a school since September of 1994/95 (I would have to ask my parents). I think it’s about time I quit going to school. I have been in college, or working at a college since August of 2008. Literally 20 years of my life has been education and it has taught me many things, the most being that 99% of what you learn in school is useless or misguided.

In high school I never learned anything about being an adult. I learned to balance a checkbook (which was obsolete by the time I graduated) and was told that “good grades are everything”. Then, in college, I learned how to be a good artist, but was not trained in any way to be a intelligent artist. There were no classes on selling yourself or making your work lucrative, they just said “create good things and the money will come”. Well that’s not true either. Then they said “go to grad school”, so I did. And that taught me that school politics and brown-nosing go further than anything in education and if you oppose them, you’ll be done for.

Well, I guess you can see which side of the fence I ended up on.

Really, school has been better this semester, but we’re only 3 weeks in and I am sufficiently burnt out. Today was the start of our 4th week and I’m struggling to stay motivated. I spent 30 minutes today in figure studies drawing infinity symbols with charcoal. Eventually I ended up with the start of a 3 day drawing, but it’s not very far along. In my second drawing class the ideas are flowing like crazy! Unfortunately I had to order more supplies for it today, not only is it sucking money like crazy, I’m losing my motivation while I wait for the supplies to arrive. Fortunately I will have completed that class by the end of February or before.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the pottery studio and how to get that all going. Thankfully I spent all my excess time in college learning how to properly run a business myself (at least the basics). You would be surprised how little information there is about art businesses that is not geared toward painters. I’m trying to decided what’s more important, raising money for the studio or dedicating my full time to classes. I realize I’ve already paid for the classes, I’m just not seeing any use in them. So far they are just eating the time I could be spending doing other things and making it harder to stay positive. I have lost all of my time to work on the blog and the ebooks, which were doing alright. All my social media is falling behind as well. The blog continues to grow, but I fear losing followers if I don’t keep up.

It sounds really stupid. I’m just some dumb kid all wrapped up in his college classes, but it’s important to me. I’m just really ready to start this new life and start doing something worth while. My extremely expensive education has gotten me no where and I’m feeling really bummed out about that. I grew up being told by everyone around me that a degree would pave my way and I was foolish enough to hope that was true. Lesson learned, you have to make your own way, especially if you decide to be as stubborn as me and cut your own path.

Sorry for the rant today. It’s been an off day. Thanks for listening!

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  1. I know how you feel. My wife and I were in school through out our twenties and beyond. Heck my day job is Technology in a school system, but that just to fund our permaculture homestead.


    I’m almost 50 and I wish I had a degree but what I studied when I was 20 is very different than what I would study now.

    1. I decided to pursue what I love instead of what I was told to study. So it’s probably my fault that it’s not doing anything for me, but I refuse to live conventionally for the sake of money. I would rather struggle, but love what I do! 🙂

      1. And you can decide when to struggle and when to let go. The simple life you have decided to lead will allow you to know your passions. Hang in there.

  3. queenieminx says:

    Hugs! Chin up, it gets better eventually. Life is hard. There’s no debating that. Do what you love though, and strive to be better each day. Put your time into being you. You’re the best person in the world at being you, so just do that.

  4. L Lindall says:

    Ben, In agreement with Queenieminx. Every day of your life is an education be it academic or not. Enjoy the discoveries of each beautiful day. 🙂

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