Sunday on the Homefront: Lettuce and Arugula

Hey Everyone!

So, not a lot to share as of late. I’ll have to come up with some blog posts for this week. It’s just been busy with school projects and trying to get them all sorted out before I have to run to the other side of the state to look at houses. I’m ahead in one of my classes and about to fall behind in the other. But, of course, I’m only motivated about the project that’s not due for another month. Typical.

Anyway, I was bitten by the garden bug (not that I’m ever not bitten) and I wanted to grow something. Scratch that, HAD to grow something. Looking at my fig trees is great and all, but they are slow growers. I also have this urge to fill our entire apartment, top to bottom, in growing plants, but since I can’t do that, I decided to plant some lettuces and arugula. I had the seeds sitting around since 2012 and I figured I would use them up this winter. I have a 10″ x 2.5ft window planter that I’m going to put them in. Since we have south facing windows and the other plants are doing so well, I’m going to just put them in the window and see how they do. I’m not looking to get the most wonderful greens ever. I just want to watch them grow more than anything.


I planted them a few days ago (I think on Monday or Tuesday) and they have come up well. The Arugula is in the bottom left, then Buttercrunch Lettuce, then Red Salad Bowl Lettuce. I’ve never actually eaten Arugula, so I’m excited to try it. The Buttercrunch and Red lettuce is really good, the red just has a tendency to get leggy.

Well, I’ll keep you updated on the lettuces, figs, and my one calendula flower!


I’ll make sure to get some good reblogs in this week, but the posts will probably be more informational and less personal until we look at more houses.

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