Seed Starting Made Simple


Again from Mother Earth News.

Starting seeds indoors is a sure cure for the restlessness that plagues gardeners during the off-season. Just follow these basics steps to prevent mistakes, such as damping off or using the wrong seed starting mix, and watch your seedlings — and your savings — grow.
February/March 2012
You can start seeds indoors and experiment with unique heirloom selections to find the best varieties for your garden.


You’ll love the benefits of growing your own transplants. You can grow unique heirloom selections as well as the best varieties for your garden’s conditions — which will boost your yields and reduce losses to pests, disease and severe weather.

The potential money savings aren’t small potatoes, either. Consider the cost of filling a single 4-by-12-foot bed with purchased transplants — typically selling for $4 to $5 each — versus paying $2…

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  1. Hope says:

    I am getting excited about planting. Spent far too much at the local farm store buying seeds a couple of days ago. Just a few more weeks to go before I can plant!

    1. I’m getting excited as well. I’ve decided to grow some leafy greens while I’m waiting to plant for the garden. Just to keep me occupied.

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