The Joys of Summer (?!?!)

Railway Parade House and Garden

Despite the fact that it’s mid-summer here, the mountain weather can be very changeable and after having had a very warm October and November, the last few weeks have seen the temperature return to more normal conditions.

That means nights about 12°C/53°F & days about 22°C/71°F, as well as misty, showery days that struggle to get above even 10-12°C thrown in for good measure.

I think that this has confused some of the plants. For instance, I had planted small Helleborus divisions around the garden last Autumn.

Now, in the middle of summer, is the first time one of them has flowered, and it has been blooming for over two weeks (click for larger images):

Given how many more buds are waiting to open, I guess I won’t see too many blooms from this plant come winter time, but it is nice to see a Helleborus in flower with such fresh, green leaves!

In the shaded areas of the garden, things can be really…

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