The Benefits of Nature Hikes and Observing the Seasons

Philly Permaculture

One of the first things about permaculture that I learned was to first observe, then observe, then wait and observe, and then take small actions for change.  You have to understand your context before you can apply techniques or principles to your situation.  For applying permaculture to gardening and farming, it’s important to observe the local area where you want to grow (soil tests, rain fall, sunlight, etc).  However, it’s also very important to know your surrounding region (climate, local plant and fungi species, local wildlife, etc).  I frequently hike through parks near my house to get a better idea of what is already living near me.  Doing so gives me the opportunity to observe natural ecosystems and patterns around me, and contemplate how I can copy these existing natural patterns to benefit my garden.  This also gives opportunities to find herbs and other resources for wildcrafting or herbalism, or plants…

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