The Borderline

Beautiful photography and a Jurassic Park reference. What more could you ask for?

Wicked Rural Homestead

The transition of the seasons and peculiarities of winter still excite me but this is only my fifth Maine winter.  I am promised by old timers (and my husband) that this excitement will fade.

Not yet!

I still can’t get enough of all the ways things can freeze, thaw and freeze again.

Trapping water in action is like watching lightning in a bottle for me.   I left for work early the other day just so I could stop and throw rocks at Moose pond on my way.    In the summer time it looks like this.

The lake doesn't try to be beautiful.  It just lays back and reflects the sky all is at peace.

Currently it is less fluid.


Skipping stones across it results in a sound that is singular and almost indescribable.  The best I can do; is that it sounds like Jurassic Park when the T-rex pulls down the electric fence.

It is absolutely unique, entrancing and hard to stop once you get started.  It was good…

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