Stranded at Home Today

Hello Everyone,

It’s no big deal to sit around home on a Saturday for us, but today we had plans to go see Justin’s mom. Unfortunately we had to cancel because of freezing rain. The temperature is just right here to produce freezing rain and cause the roads to freeze and then unfreeze constantly.Then it will start to snow, then sleet, then rain again. So it’s just too risky to drive 2 hours through this junk. We were hoping to celebrate christmas with her as well. We made plans to go next weekend instead.

Other than that, we aren’t really up to much. We’re just enjoying the weekend before school starts. I have classes starting monday, although they are morning classes from now on, which will be nice. It feels like the whole day is wasted when I have early afternoon classes. Now I’ll be able to come home from class and accomplish things before Justin get’s home and I won’t have to worry about not having time for lunch. (this way I’m not tempted to buy lunch)

Well, have a nice day everyone! Hopefully your weather is better than ours!

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