Ebook: Apartment Homesteading by 2Boys1Homestead


It’s official! We have published our first ebook! It is available on the Kindle Store for 99¢! You can click the image above or click here to go and order your copy now!

This ebook contains over 60 Tips, Tricks and Projects for the Non-Landowner. It is mostly geared toward those beginning on their homesteading journey or those living without land (apartments, condos, etc.). Although this is a beginner book, it contains recipes and tricks for making bread, household cleaning, crafts, and serious indoor gardening. Everything you could ask for to get started with information on where to find more!

The chapters are: The Home, The Kitchen, The Garden, The Crafter, and The Outside World. Each includes a plethora of information!

Please help us in spreading the word. If you would, please reblog or share this on your social media accounts, we would sincerely appreciate it. All proceeds from the book go directly to funding the blog and homestead!

We love you all and thanks for making this a possibility for us! I never would have thought a year ago that I would be writing ebooks for homesteading folks like you!

Thank you!

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Ben and Justin


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Crystal L says:

    Shared, shared, shared! Congrats! You boys have been busy while I’ve been away moving and enjoying the holidays!

    1. Yes we have! Thank you very much!

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