How to apply the principles of permaculture in daily life


Permaculture is for everyone. Permaculture is for everyone.

From Permaculture Association.

Firstly I should explain why I want to try and do this. I have begun an Applied Permaculture Design Course in order to get more design experience and to deepen my knowledge of this fascinating and life changing area. One of the designs can be made up of changes applied to everyday life

Sounds like a good place to start.

So what is the “everyday life” that I am applying the principles to? Well, I live in an upstairs Housing Association flat with my 8 year old daughter in a fairly densely populated urban area, close to parks, an allotment, school and local shops. The landlord insulated the loft but we do have an old 1800s converted flat so the rooms are big and wind whistles through the windows on dark winter nights. I haven’t carpeted the place yet or drought-proofed, DIY not…

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