Rough Start to a Good Day


This is the first sunrise I’ve seen in quite a while. I wish it had been under better circumstances, but it was still beautiful.

As much as I love our cat, I sometimes want to kill her in very creative ways. For the past few months (since we switched her to wet food) she has not let us sleep past 6am hardly.  We have tried combating this in different ways, but she will scream and scream and scream until we get out of bed. Then, when we do feed her, she devours the food in 5 minutes and comes back to our room, screaming again.

Well, this morning (I had not slept very well), she decided to wake us up at almost 5am. After throwing multiple pillows at her and being woken up three times, I got out of bed and fed her in a rage. When I got back to the bedroom, Justin was up and I started yelling at him to do something about her. I shouldn’t have done it, I apologized, I was in the wrong. It’s been months since I got a decent nights sleep between the cat and him tossing and turning lately. It’s not a good excuse, but because of it I’m in a constant state of grumpiness that could turn into homicide at any moment. (not really, but I feel that way)

But, there were some great things about today that brought it back around to positive. We’ve made contact with an Agent, he’s awesome! I’ll ask him if I can put up his contact info. He’s already hooked us up with listings AND he’s listened to every word I’ve said, which is doubly amazing. The listings we’ve gotten, though few in number, are exactly what we’re looking for. I’ll share more with you guys tomorrow once Justin and I look over them and decide where to go from here. Some of the listings would require us to move now because of long waiting periods (so the current family can move out), while others we could wait on.

I also got seeds in the mail! My Comfrey, Ramps, Butterbeans and all my flowers are here! (Well, almost all!) I’ve got one more package of seeds coming.

Also, a shout out to my Dad for giving us WAY more than he needed to for Christmas this year. We really, really appreciate it. He got us a vacuum sealing Food Saver, money, more money and a bunch of candy (which I’m eating). With my gift card, I got myself a custom stamp and ink pads for my pottery business! They are carving my logo as we speak! I’ll share it once it comes in, but it should be pretty cool!

Well, have a good day everyone, and more details tomorrow! Now that we have an agent and listings, this blog may go into hyperdrive.

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