Sunday on the Homefront: Looked at a Couple Houses

Hello Everyone!

Short post this time.

We were up at my Dad’s house for Christmas this weekend and we decided to drive by a couple homes I had seen listed on line. The first doesn’t seem too bad (it has 6.5 acres). There are people still living there, so we couldn’t really stop and look around. I’m interested in the place still, but almost all the land is steep hillside. That’s going to make gardening really hard unless I turn it into a tiered system. That, in itself, is a massive undertaking. I haven’t seen the rest of the property, but I haven’t ruled the home out either.

However, we did stop by and look around a foreclosed home (from the outside). I don’t mind the location or the land, or even the house. What I do mind is that the foundation is about to collapse and all the support beams for the house are rotten. It was a good price, but I’m not putting a foundation on a home. I’m just not.

So, a little disappointment, but that was only two houses in one zip code of our search area. We have a ton more to choose from, so no worries!

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P.S. If I were an intelligent person, I would have taken a picture of the foundation to share, but I forgot.


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