Then one foggy christmas eve….


Maybe this year Rudolph will get off his lazy butt and do some work. He’s never been the same after the reindeer unionized.

Hey Everyone!

So this is what it looks like here, I just took this photo this morning. It’s even foggier now. We’ve been having a tropical heatwave up here, it’s 50° as I type this and raining.

Justin’s boss was nice enough to tell him not to bother coming into work today. So we slept in until 11am and now we’re just lazing around, playing video games. He has tomorrow off as well of course. Then he works Friday and we head up to my Dad’s house for the weekend. I’m really hoping dad is doing Surf & Turf again for christmas (it’s what he usually does). I can totally get behind that kind of tradition.

Well, I hope you all have a relaxing christmas eve and a wonderful christmas (if you practice such things), otherwise, just have a happy holiday and enjoy yourselves!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. queenieminx says:

    Merry Christmas! I’m doing a bacon wrapped beef roast for Christmas so surf and turf sounds awesome!

    1. That sounds great as well!

  2. mattb325 says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas, guys! Sounds like our weather isn’t too dissimilar (even though it’s summer here) – we’ve had have fog and 57° for Christmas eve

  3. bluewolf50 says:

    We too are having Christmas rain and fog up here in the Adirondacks…very strange! Enjoy yourselves….and I hope you get your surf and turf. Yum!

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