Sunday on the Homefront: I forgot the flowers….


Hello Everyone!

Well, I got so excited about buying veggie seeds that I totally forgot flowers. I realized my mistake when I was watching a youtube video on gardening and people had a whole bed of flowers for the bees and bugs only. I can’t believe I forgot to order them….

So I went ahead and started searching around for items that I want in the flower garden and flowers that are most beneficial to bees, hummingbirds, bats and other insects. I also purchased Comfrey as a source of compost and fertilizer for the garden. I plan to collect a LOT of seeds next year and double my flower growing efforts. Here’s what I’m getting.

Butterfly Bush
Morning Glory
Red Salvia

I also went ahead and ordered a Chinese Cabbage, Lima Butter Beans and Ramps. I plan on sowing the ramps in a shaded place (or whatever they need, I have to research) and just letting it spread. I’ll also be spreading the seeds wherever I can so in 5 years or so, I can just have a giant patch of ramps that I can dig up every year. The butter beans are my favorite type of bean and can be stored dry, which is great. The Chinese Cabbage will replace the regular cabbage I bought most likely. I prefer chinese cabbage to any other kind.


I can’t wait to have morning glories and moonflowers growing all over. I will probably build something ridiculous for them to grow on. They are my favorite vining flowers. I bought a mix of the morning glories so we’ll have a whole bunch of different colors. I bought mostly trumpet shaped flowers for the hummingbirds and bees. I made sure to buy borage for the bees (apparently it’s their favorite) and the sunflowers will also be for the bees, but we’ll eat the seeds as well. Heirloom variety of sunflower of course.

The Nasturtiums are edible as well. Then the Salvia and Lupine are for my own amusement. We had a large patch of wild Lupine at my mom’s house, in the woods, and I used to love going back to see it. During the summer it was a carpet of purple and beautiful. I even dug up a few and transplanted them to the landscaping around the house.

So this will be our first batch of flowers. I’m hoping to find some bricks for free and I’m going to build my own flower bed. I’m designing something really artsy that I’m in love with. Hopefully it will look as cool as I hope. I’m still working on all the measurements. The great thing is I can build it in sections and add a new section every year. I will post it soon, I just have to finalize it and put all the measurements in.

Happy Winter Solstice! Just think, from here on out, the days get longer and spring gets ever closer!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Don’t forget to consider adding some simple marigold seeds to the front of the border because the native pollinators love them and they are very easy to grow and maintain. 🙂

    1. I will have Calendula (marigold family), do those count?

  2. Monika says:

    Hi, how about some double duty plants like sunchokes (called Jerusalem artichokes sometimes too) ? Nice flowers, edible roots, low amount of work needed and can be harvested till frost? They can be used like potatoes, very tasty and at least in Europe they are really costly, about 10 $ a kilogram (about 2 pounds).

    1. Thanks! I’ll look them up!

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