Why is it so hard to Find a Real Estate Agent??

First off, I wanted to clear up that I’m not leaving until January 1st. I just meant (in my post yesterday) that I was going to lay on the floor until then since this past semester was such a pain. I’m going to keep blogging, no worries about that!


So that is my question. Why is it so hard to find a real estate agent?

I will say, here in Ypsi we got extremely lucky finding a real estate agent that values educating her clients. She taught us many great things and sent us to a housing education program where we qualified for $7500 in assistance from the state of Michigan. That’s an amazing agent. And she never required us to sign a single piece of paper the entire time. She was great.

Since we decided to move to Ionia County instead of where we are now, we have to find a new real estate agent (it’s 120 miles away). So I’ve been emailing and reaching out to people to help me find one. Well, the first agent I found on my own. He seemed interested in us, wanted to know what we were looking for and so I told him. I mentioned that Justin and I wanted to start looking at listings immediately. Now, I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but as soon as I mentioned that Justin and I were together, he quit responding to us. Is that why he didn’t respond, I don’t know, nor do I care. I’m not gonna play the victim card, I’m just moving on.

The next lady we contacted had good reviews from people I knew. She completely ignored all my questions, assumed we were a damaged credit case, and refused to be helpful in any way with our financial needs (we need a mortgage lender). Plus, I spent a good 10 minutes writing her out a nice, concise email about what we wanted and our situation and she responded with one incomplete sentence that told us to work on our credit. We had not mentioned our credit (which is pretty good) to her at all, but she obviously didn’t really read anything. We also said we wanted to start looking at houses immediately because if the right one came along, we wanted to pounce on it. To which she responded “houses come and go”. Well I freaking know that, I wanted to make sure I caught the ones I like before they disappear! BAH!

So, this search has been aggravating so far. My dad is trying to contact a relative of his agent for us (his agent is no longer in real estate) and I’ve put out feelers on a couple more people. I’m starting to realize that we hit the jackpot here with our agent. We contacted her again and she sent out an email for us to someone she knows as well. Hopefully, out of these seven agents, one of them will turn out at least useful.

Wish us luck, we’re gonna need it.

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  1. Kelly says:

    We spent the last year property-hunting and we spoke with many, many agents. The one we ended up with was partly coincidence, which I’ll explain, but I couldn’t rave highly enough of how phenomenal he’s been. Over-the-top, above-and-beyond fantastic and super friendly to-boot. (I wish you were in our area and I could recommend him!!) I did a TON of my own hunting on Trulia based on our rather complicated needs. When I found some that seemed interesting, I called the selling agent for information. They all want to take you on as a buyer’s agent, but you can feel them out and see if it’s a good match. If you connect, have them do some looking for you. Maybe they’ll find something, maybe not and you can move on. Trust me, there is an over abundance of agents, some good, some bad, but remember that you as the buyer have the power and the money. You’ll find the right one and the right place! Good luck!

    1. Thank you. We’re going to keep searching. I’ve been scoping out properties as well, we just wanted to get an agent in line before we officially apply for a mortgage.

  2. James Gielow says:

    I feel your pain. When I was in the market a few years ago, it was such a struggle. My biggest hurdle wasn’t a realtor, but fighting all of the cash offers from investors. I put about 30 offers on homes and got beat out 29 times by cash buyers. Remember to write personal letters to the sellers when you make offers. In the end, that was what got me a home. Best of luck! Call on me for any advice or help, I’ve been through the worst of it, believe me. Also, stand your ground regarding your “wish list” Realtors will try to talk you into things that don’t necessarily meet your needs. You’re the one who will have to live there for a while, so don’t compromise!

    1. We won’t be compromising. There are 3 things that we must have and we’ll make sure we get them! Thanks!

  3. cecilia says:

    Gosh I didn’t realise it was so hard to find a realtor, you would think they want to SELL homes? so they can make some money?.. weird.. it will work out though, i think your present lady might be well placed to find you someone good.. hope so.. c

    1. Thanks. We’re hoping to find someone soon. We’ll have to wait till after the holidays now, but hopefully we can find someone who wants to at least get paid.

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