USDA Approves Chicken Export to China for Slaughter, then Imports it back to Sell

Well, if you haven’t thought about raising your own chickens for meat (or buying them from a local farmer) you should now.

Here is the Article—Click Here

Let’s think of all the things China has done wrong with our imports.

1) Childrens toys with lead
2) Dog food that dogs can’t even survive through
3) Crappy car parts (1000’s of recalls constantly)

What makes the USDA think that this is a good idea? There are some things I appreciate about the USDA and then other times, I wonder what kind of morons work there. The US has become so wrapped up in food products and by-products that no one even eats food anymore. If I can’t pronounce the ingredient list, or translate it, I don’t buy it. I have 5 boxes of Kraft Mac&Cheese that have been in my cupboard for over a year now because I don’t want to eat them. I bought them when we were too poor to care, but now that we’re doing better, I leave them there.

Meat used to be the one thing I could rely on (or so I thought) that was semi-fresh. Now my chicken is going to do a globe trot before it gets to me? Nope. I’m done now.

I have officially added “Bigger Yard” to my house hunting list. We have a local butcher for pigs and beef, but not chicken. I guess I’ll be learning to grow some of my own.

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  1. We’ve had chickens for egg laying purposes for several years. There’s nothing like a fresh egg. Now, if they just wouldn’t molt. 🙂 You definitely need room for a coop and run.

    1. We plan on having a few chickens for eggs, but I’m seriously considering meat chickens now.

  2. dbp49 says:

    This is as silly as the Canada/Japan lumber deal I accidentally discovered working as a laborer one time. My job was to take 2×4’s from one stack and re-stack them into a different style stack so they would fit in containers for shipping to Japan. What I found out was since Japan had no more place to build anything with these 2×4’s that we were shipping them, to meet the conditions of a long-running Government contract, their solution was to place the lumber in boxcars, and then utilizing railway tracks, they simply backed them into the ocean, where they remained beneath the murky waves(until needed?) with the salt-water acting as a preservative. Meanwhile, back in Canada here, the cost of a 2×4 is just about high enough that to buy a sufficient quantity to build a home, you may have to have a home to mortgage in the first place. Don’t you just love the government?

    1. It makes no sense to me either. I don’t understand why half of this happens.

  3. Robin says:

    I “couldn’t” cut a store bought chicken into pieces when we left the city. I learned to do it when we started raising meat chickens. If I’m going to eat chicken I have to raise it (we don’t eat any factory farmed meat) so I had to make a choice. Learn or go without. I missed chicken. I don’t love it but butchering a year’s worth of chicken takes three hours one Sunday afternoon a year. Amazing what I can do when I make up my mind to something.

    1. I’ve helped with cutting up meat before. After this, I don’t think I have a choice.

  4. nuge67 says:

    This is not good. I kill much of the meat we eat. Hunting mainly. We also raise chickens and ducks. China butchering meat and shipping it back… no good can come from that

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