Cover Cropping.


Permaculture is for everyone. Permaculture is for everyone.

What is cover cropping? Using a no till gardening method cover crops are very important. Cover crops can be a living mulch, fix nitrogen, and add organic material. In this post I will discuss the seed mix that I am trying this winter.

First is White Dutch Clover.


This clover can be sown year round, and is a living mulch. It also adds nitrogen and suppress weeds. Another plus is that it’s a perennial and attracts bees.

Second is Buckwheat.


Buckwheat have deep root system making it a dynamic accumulator. Meaning it draws minerals deep in the soil and brings it up for other plants. Both plants also attract pollinator.

Cover crops should prevent erosion, mend the soil, and build organic material to the soil. I have also planted oats to provide straw for mulching and fodder for my animals.

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