Seeds Arrived from MIGardener


Hey Everyone!

So, as you can see, all my seeds arrived yesterday! They were all in great condition, I don’t think I found a single one crushed. They all came really well labeled and I got a lot more seeds than I expected! These little packets were only 99¢ a piece!  Luke, also known as MIGardener, started up his own seed business this year and I was really happy to help support that venture, especially since all of these are heirloom varieties! You can check out his shop at He also has hundreds of free videos on gardening that you can watch!

All those seeds are in cold storage now, awaiting spring. I’m getting pretty excited about planting. I was tempted to plant a couple lettuces, but I really don’t have any place to put them that’s heated. Our balcony has been turned into storage because we were hemorrhaging money to heat it in October, we definitely can’t afford to heat it now. Although I do have a perfect pot for them…oh well. I’ll be fine. It’s only a couple more months until the very earliest plants need to be started indoors (peppers and such). Then I’ll have some plants to play with.

As spring rolls around, I’ll be taking cuttings from the Mulberry trees around here. Justin wants one pretty badly. so I’ll do what I can. I’m going to get a small jar of rooting hormone to help with the process. I also need to get a hold of some cottonseed meal and compost for my plants, they could use a little boost. I bought cheap potting soil this past summer, thinking I would amend it later and I haven’t. I think the soil is pretty much running on fumes. There can’t be much left in it.


The figs and the blueberry made it through. It’s been almost 2 days now and they are showing no signs of dying or anything, so I think we’re in the safe zone (hopefully). I’ve got them up in a south facing window and foil on the walls to bounce light back. I want to get them some compost most of all because I’m trying to give them a boost. The figs are much smaller than I expected and I know they need to be much, much bigger before they will bear fruit. I don’t mind waiting, but I don’t mind speeding up the process either. I still need to go out today and collect pine needles for the blueberry bush. I was also informed that blueberries, even self-fertile like this one, produce better when they have other blueberry bushes around. That’s just what I needed, another excuse to buy more plants. It will have to wait for now, but I might pick some up this spring depending on what I see and how money is looking.

I’ve officially received everything for the garden except the live plants from Gurney’s, those will ship in the spring. I spent $150 on the garden to get ready. The only other costs I’m anticipating is tools (I have none) and some netting (for my berries and corn). Other than that, I will attempt to salvage everything else I need or build it myself. Because I won’t have time to get a piece of ground ready, I’m thinking I will have to rent or borrow a rototiller for the first year. I plan to mulch it almost immediately afterward, but that’s more money that I don’t have. I may just have to fight weeds the first year. But we needs the plants in the ground, no matter how I do it. If I have to dig it all up myself, so be it, but we need the garden. It’s coming down to a matter of survival now.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll keep doing updates on the figs and such as time goes on!

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  1. There are some cost effective ways to fight weeds. For instance, you can cover the soil with black plastic for those plants who enjoy warm feet like tomatoes and peppers, or lay some newspaper down and cover with leaves or grass clippings, and check your local mulch dealers for someone who has wood chips versus mulch. Mulch is usually $30-35 a yard while chips are $5-10. We also cut paper feed bags and lay them down with landscape pins. Hope that sets your imagination to spinning. 🙂

    1. I might try laying down the paper as close to the plants as I can to keep the weeds down. It might look a little dumb the first year, but I’m growing for food, not for a landscaping grade! Thanks!

  2. you will have fun with those seeds!

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