Gorgeous photos!


Beautiful pictures today. I said to Our John through coughs and snorts and much blowing of the nose, (the best rags for a cold are chopped up old cotton nighties or T shirts. Very soft on the nose. I have a very diverse rag bag just for these kinds of things.)anyway I was saying to him that some times I can go a full month without one decent calendar- worthy shot. Today there are at least two. Can you guess which ones?

Marmalades kittens are eating very well ..


So I am keeping Marmalade outside for longer periods of time so we don’t get this..(see below)  they are just too big and she is so small.. kittens nursing

Though I get this at the door…

mad cat

But it has to be done.  They are old enough.  And this little Mama is going in on Monday to have her tubes tied. I only planned…

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