Got my Figs and my Blueberry Plant!


Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the crappy phone pictures….I’m still too poor to get a new camera. Oh well, more important things are being done with our money right now.

Anyway! My new babies arrived! And literally, they are babies. Tiniest plants I’ve ever bought, no joke. The figs are roughly 3″-4″ tall and the Blueberry has 5″-10″ stems on it. They arrived REALLY well packaged. The figs came dry (I hope they don’t lose their leaves), but very well rooted. The blueberry was wet when shipped, so it was frozen when it got here (not that it matters, it’s hardy to Zone 4) and less well rooted. I let everyone come to room temp and transplanted them all into 2 Gallon pots.

I ordered Figs originally from Gurney’s (for a higher price), but they ran out of stock before they could fill my order. They refunded my money before I even knew they were out of stock, they were really great about it. So I took that extra cash and went over to Hirt’s Gardens and they had about 10 different varieties of figs. After searching around I bought these, Violet De Bordeaux Negronne, for $10 a piece. They are supposed to be very flavorful, everbearing and the most fragrant. With the extra money I had (Hirt’s was cheaper), I was able to get a “Blue Crop” Blueberry Bush. This is a larger blueberry with big berries. Gurney’s has a restriction on shipping blueberries to Michigan, but Hirt’s does not. I don’t know why, nor do I really care, I just wanted a blueberry bush and not one from Walmart. Hopefully he will grow up really big because Justin loves blueberries more than any bear or other creature I have ever met.  He’s ravenous.

As you can see, the blueberry has autumn colors on it’s leaves, I hope it doesn’t mind warming up and starting to grow. I want to give it a boost before I actually put it in the ground this coming spring. I’m thinking of giving it some cottonseed meal to boost the nitrogen (and growth) and also mulching it with pine needles. Let me know if you think this is a good idea. I’m trying to make the soil more acidic with the pine needles, we have lots of them around here.


The figs I will probably give a bit of cottonseed meal as well to boost growth, but I’m thinking of just leaving them without mulch. If I do anything, I’ll get some compost and put a little on top. This is miracle grow dirt mixed with cheap potting soil. It’s not fantastic, but it is light and fluffy. It’s all I have for right now, so I want to supplement the plants.

Here’s hoping in a year or so, I can get at least one fruit off of one of these fig trees! I don’t have my hopes too high, but I do really want to try a fresh fig (I’ve never had one). As for the blueberry, I expect some fruit in maybe 2016 unless it really takes off. I hope to buy a few more of these bushes in the future. My plan is to have an entire orchard.

The figs will remain forever potted plants. They are only hardy to Zone 8 and I’m in Zone 6 right now, soon to move to Zone 5, so they will definitely not survive in the winter. I plan on making them our house guests in the winter and our porch ornaments in the summer. Once they get really big, I’ll put them in huge pots with rolly-carts under them to make them easy to move. I will also be pruning the snot out of them and creating more trees from the prunings. I might even offer them up for sale if I have a bunch of them, but that’s years down the road.

Thanks for putting up with my geekiness over these pathetic looking sprouts!

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  1. jennyhud says:

    Blueberries love pine needles! I use them to mulch heavily around each plant in my garden. They also love coffee grounds. You should start putting both these things in the spot where you want to transplant asap as blueberries like a soil pH of 4.0. Best of luck to you. Now I’m going to look into figs…

    1. Haha, thank you! Good luck with the figs. Apparently they are super easy to grow, but I guess we’ll see!

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