FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Pretty isn’t always better.

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Several years ago I was ushered into an area in back of Sam’s club to wait for an item I’d purchased to be disassembled.  I saw buggy after buggy of food put into the incinerator.  The amount of it was unbelievable and that was just from one day at one store.  They destroyed hundreds of pounds of perfectly good food on a weekly basis without donating it to a shelter, needy families, or even a farmer that could have fed it to poultry, pigs, etc.

There was milk, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, apples, bananas, and other produce, sinful amounts of bread and baked goods, cartons of eggs, etc.  Anything stamped with an approaching date was destroyed.

When I asked about it they gave me the customary answer that if they donated it and someone got sick they could be sued, but I recently discovered that is absolutely not true.  In…

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