Why We Pursue Homesteading

Great thoughts on homesteading here.

Little Fall Creek

My best friend from childhood recently reentered my life, the girl I climbed trees, built forts, did crafts and discovered the world with. We were like sisters, our friendship extending beyond the reaches of my memory. As teenagers, though, life interrupted and we inexplicably lost touch.

Now, a decade later, we’re rekindling a friendship that feels as soulful and true as if time were irrelevant. Yet, we’re faced with the opportunity to tell the stories of who we’ve become. For me, this has led to surprising introspection. In telling who I am and what I do, I suddenly feel eccentric, out-there, a sentiment accentuated by the outwardly different paths our lives have taken.

My friend asked where this all comes from– the pursuit of self-sufficiency, the desire to build a homestead.

We both grew up running wild through the apple orchards and cow fields of our little country lane in…

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