Sunday on the Homefront: Official House Hunting Date


Hey Everyone!

Well, we aren’t gonna build a soddie, but we are looking for a more “free” way of living. I’ve already placed the order for plants, seeds and started collecting information for our Homesteading library. As you’ve noticed, I’ve been trying to do book reviews on informative and useful books for homesteaders and gardeners. I’m trying to expand our knowledge base as far as possible before we are actually in a home.

Anyway, enough of the rambling, here’s the good news. We have decided to move up our schedule for the home search from May to March. We were planning on waiting out our current apartment lease, but we’ve decided against it. If I can get a garden in, no matter what, even if I have to rototill, it will help us immensely through the summer and winter. From the numbers I have crunched, it costs us considerably less to break the lease and attempt to produce a decent amount of food. Or we wait until August, hope all the good houses aren’t gone and be dependent on the grocery store for 9 months before I can even touch the soil. Also, starting earlier in the year means I will have time to build up a compost pile of my own for my next year.

This means we will have to pay the $2000 lease break fee unless we can find someone to take over our apartment. I’m going to try, but I’m not going to be heartbroken if it doesn’t happen. At this point, I see breaking our lease as paying off a prison sentence. We’re doing better on saving money than we anticipated and I’m hoping that trend keeps up. Also, the earlier we get into the home, that faster I can get my pottery studio up and running and start that business, which we help us financially of course.

I’ve contacted a real estate agent(who will email us Monday). After that we just need to get things ready and apply for a USDA Rural Development loan in late February. I know there is paperwork to be done before that and we need to really nail down the type of home we want. I’m starting to actually get nervous because it seems so close!

As for the garden, I have the official count. For some reason our Fig Trees were cancelled (still figuring that out) but we have 4 Golden Raspberries, 2 Red Raspberries, and almost 30 varieties of vegetables. If it comes to it that we can’t get the figs, I will save that extra money and order fruit trees the following year. I want to get to know the patch of land we’ll be on before I start ordering trees that are $30-$50 a piece.

If we find ourselves in ideal circumstances, we will probably try to get into bees and chickens the following year, but I don’t want to get into it too fast.

For now we are sending out our Christmas cards with our future plans in them. We can’t wait to get started! I know we have friends and family excited for us to be closer to them.

That’s all for now!

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  1. ebay has some awesome vintage gardening & homesteading books. 😉

    1. We’re hunting all the time! Thanks!

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