Ruth Stouts No-Work Garden Documentary

If you do anything today, watch this. It’s so funny and helpful and wonderful.

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  1. solarbeez says:

    We read about Ruth Stouts some forty years ago when we first started growing our own food. The question always arises…what to do about slugs? Our winters don’t get very cold in winter. The slugs hide under the mulch. If we plant seeds, or seedlings in an area with mulch, the slugs will eat the plants every time. I would love to plant like she does, but I hate losing them after they sprout. We will use mulch AFTER the plants have established themselves, but not before.

    1. We have harsh enough winters up here now to worry about it I think. At least, in my whole life in Michigan, I’ve never heard a single gardener talk about slugs….I could be wrong though.

      I think it would have to be modified for different climates. I wonder if a different mulch would suffice? Something that slugs didn’t work well with. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m sure it exists! Or maybe a predatory insect you could invite in? There’s got to be something.

      1. solarbeez says:

        We were told that ducks eat slugs. We tried ducks, but they were messy in the garden. Our soil doesn’t freeze. That’s probably why the slugs grow so big as you can see in this picture of the slug in my arms. 🙂

      2. That is literally the grossest thing I have ever seen… I probably would have gone back in the house for a shotgun if I saw that outside, lol. That thing’s a monster!

        Yeah, I’ve never seen a slug here over a couple centimeters long and usually they are in the grass, not in the garden.

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