Your Thoughts on Greenhouses


I’ve been planning on getting a greenhouse for a long time, nothing extravagant as the one above, but a greenhouse. I’ve found some 6’x8′ greenhouse kits that are reasonable to purchase (or I have built my own before). I was trying to determine a way to use it though.

I’ve seen a lot of people put up small hoops over their garden beds to extend growing or shade certain plants. I’ve seen greenhouse tractors that are easily movable from bed to bed and of course I’ve seen and worked in stationary houses. I’m just not sure which one would be a good fit for us.

I planned on using the greenhouse to start plants early in the spring, but after reading germination temperatures, I’m almost convinced that I should be starting plants indoors with grow lights. Especially warm weather plants like tomatoes and peppers. With that in mind, I think I would like to grow greens and cool weather crops year around in the greenhouse. I know that stationary greenhouses usually develop pest problems and if I grow the same plants in the same place every year, I’m sure to have a problem. Let me know if you do this, I would like ¬†to know if it works!

So I’m thinking a moveable greenhouse. Something that can be pulled onto a section of the garden (after a crop is out) and planted with greens and cool weather crops. My question for you is then, how do you make a greenhouse easily movable? Is a tractor greenhouse even possible without destroying it? I imagine I would have to build it myself and it’s probably going to need skis or wheels of some sort, I’m not really sure.

Any ideas or help you can give me on this matter would be much appreciated!

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  1. I have designed and have them built sheds, shelters and greenhouses here in Alberta and with reasonable good success we use 4×6 treated timbers as skids and make it apart of the building when the time comes we just hook on and move the building. Just a thought.

    1. Thank you! Any experiences are helpful!

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