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Wicked Rural Homestead

One year ago, I drove across town with the boys in blissful ignorance of what the day would bring.  We were on a mission to find post-Thanksgiving donuts to round-out our holiday gluttony.

As we passed the lake; I saw that it was on the cusp of solidity, a magical phase that only lasts a few days.  “You guys want to stop and try to break the lake ice?”



A few minutes later we parked, donuts in hand and began a simple activity that could consume our entire day if we let it.


There are no rules, expect to make sure everyone is out of the way of your attempts.  We used stones.


And sticks.


I supervised and walked the shore looking at all the little frozen moments in time.  Absently thinking my dad would get a kick out of them and I should take pictures for him.

He loved bearing witness to nature’s fleeting singularities.  Experiences that you have to seek out or seize when…

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