Non-electric micro greenhouse heater

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Shepherd's Glen Farm

greenhouse peppers

My peppers have recovered beautifully from the last 20 degree freeze in their new micro-greenhouse. Now I am preparing to keep them alive as winter progresses with likely much deeper freezes.

new heater pic 1

I kept my peppers alive a couple of weeks ago during the 20 freezes by using a heat lamp. But it is my preference to find off-grid solutions that are also inexpensive. I have used kerosene lamps before for this purpose but they tend to deposit soot on the plastic which is a problem to clean off, and kerosene is expensive. This year I am going to try these home made flower pot heaters. They should provide comparable heat to a kerosene lamp (at least the larger size I am making) but should be less expensive to operate and the soot should remain inside the pot.

new heater pic

There are several problems with the standard directions for these pots. One is…

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