Let’s Turn Prisons Into Energy Producers

So this past week I was reading about some prisons in the u.s. that have taken some progressive steps. Some have started supplementing their food supply with prison gardens that are cared for by the prisoners. I’m really liking this idea.
The united states has the highest convict per capita in the world. With that many prisoners it has become a huge burden on the taxpayer. My proposal is not unheard of, but I believe that prisoners should not be treated badly, but should be working as punishment. Since they have created a burden on society, they should be giving something back to it.
My idea is to make prisons as food sufficient as possible. If that means turning all prisoners vegetarian, so be it, as long as it has proper nutritional value. For the prisoners who are deemed too dangerous or untrustworthy, they can start providing electricity to power the prison and the grid through momentum machines of some sort. Maybe stationary bikes?
I believe this to be a fair and just idea. I’m not asking for ridiculous quotas or hours, just a normal work day. This would also help with transition back into society since the person would already be used to doing something instead of being idle.
Just my thoughts. If prisons are such a problem in this country we should use the manpower they contain to at least lessen the burden, if not remove it completely.
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  1. dreamfarming says:

    Sounds cool. They could be taught how to repair and maintain the equipment as well.

    1. Great idea! That would also help those returning to society, they wouldn’t need therapy to learn how to be people again.

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