Sunday on the Homefront—The Waiting Game

Unfortunately there isn’t going to be a whole lot to report on the homestead for a while. We are in limbo at the moment. We have to wait out our apartment lease and raise money to buy the house. However, I will be starting to plan our garden and pulling together ideas for the homestead once we get there. I’ll try to share the ideas with you guys and sketch some things as well!

We are going to try to get a little more debt free while we’re waiting. We are going to use the “snowball” method, which I’ll do a post about to explain it!

Until then! (Sorry for a week of crappy posts….it’s been busy)



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  1. nepermhome says:

    We are in pretty much the same place. The winter is about to set in and so we are in an apartment waiting it out until spring. I’m using my time to do lots of planning and more research on ideas we want to use. I am blogging about our plans and attempting to share some pics. I am working on some small projects and making some decorative stuff for the new place. It is actually really nice to see a blog where people are at the same point as us. There are lots of blogs out there for people who are already living on the homestead and growing gardens and raising animals. I love to hear from others who are starting out. I am also very interested in how you are getting debt free. We need a little help in that area right now! Thanks again for a great post, even if you didn’t think it was. I look forward to hearing more!

    1. I promise to write some better ones in the future! Thanks!

  2. Please share the method we are trying to save for a new house and would love some tips

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