Harvesting Walnuts


Build Me a Dream

I cannot believe how many walnuts have fallen this year. In one certain area you cant’ walk without a squish….and an uncertain wiggle due to the hard nut that follows the squish. As I stated in my last post, we decided to try and harvest some actual nuts this year. The process is messy, and takes a bit of time to get the nut out of its casing…I hope the results are worth it…either way, it has been a fun project so far.

Walnuts 2014

My friend, Jill, told me how she used to harvest walnuts as a kid…I decided to try it…

Walnuts 2014

…with just a couple twists of the foot, the husks came right off! Collecting the husks in one container, and the nuts in the other….

Walnuts 2014

…I wished the contents could have been reversed in quantity. But, we had a good amount for the first time harvesting. If this turns…

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