A Quick Pumpkin Hack.


Wicked Rural Homestead

Our Sugar Pumpkin harvest left us with an issue.


I wanted to get into all those little pumpkins, save the seeds to plant and cook the flesh, without making a huge pupkiny mess I would have to clean up.

When it comes to cooking pumpkin, if I am not interested in the seeds I just wrap them in tin foil and bake them whole- at about 350 till they are soft.

That way all the natural sugars stay in and the seeds steam.  If you wait till the pumpkin is cool getting the flesh off the skin and seeds out of the flesh is a snap.

People look at me funny when I tell them this but I have yet to find a down side to the method and I have used it for years in kitchens when I had to cook a metric ass-load of them at a time.


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