Sunday on the Homefront—NEW KILN!

Hey Everybody!

Sorry for the late post today, I’ve been busy working on homework and other things!

Well, last weekend you all know I went to Dad’s house to go hunting. We were unsuccessful, but some other things happened that weekend that were good! We got to spend some time with Dad, see my grandparents (on my mom’s side) and I got to hang out with old friends!

I also answered a Craigslist ad and bought a kiln!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but last winter Justin and I were having a really hard time making ends meet, so I decided to sell my studio equipment. The only one that sold was my kiln for $500. Well, the money got us through and that’s great, but now that we have decided to buy a house, I realized that I really needed that kiln since it was my only functioning one. So I started searching. I found a kiln, the same size as my old one with an extension (to make it bigger) for only $200! A nice lady (Margaret) was more than happy to sell it to me and I’m very grateful!

$_35 download (1)

These pictures aren’t of the actual kiln I bought (I forgot to take a picture….) but they are the same model and extension ring. The ring goes on the kiln after the lid is removed, and then you place the lid back on top. It plugs into the main power box (that red strip) which them plugs into the wall via dryer outlet.

Since the purchase was so cheap, I’m not terribly worried about it not working for too long. I’m hoping to raise enough money to be able to buy a new, digital kiln by the end of our first year. I’m planning on offering classes, workshops and ceramic parties (ornaments, raku firing, etc) to bring in extra cash! If you want to help us achieve this goal, I do have pottery for sale on my Etsy Shop (click here). I will be adding more items to it soon for the Christmas season!

Thanks for stopping by and wish us luck!

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