The Pleasure and Utility of Goats


Little Fall Creek

I’ve had goats for all but short periods of my life. On the farm where I was raised, we had pygmies, which I must admit I am not fond of: noisy, cantankerous, and quite useless except for show, in my experience (please do correct me if I’m missing something!).

When I was ten or eleven, I got a Nubian as a pet, which I might have learned are quite similar in temperament to pygmies. After her kid was stillborn, and we brought in a young Oberhasli (or Swiss Alpine) to become her foster kid and companion.

That wether, Buggzie, was my sweetheart: full of personality and tirelessly mischievous, except on the trail. As a pack animal, he was a natural. We took him hiking along the coast and in the hills. Passersby always took bizarre guesses at what he might be: Deer? Dog? Llama?

Given that our Nubian was unquestionably ill-fitted…

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  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing! There’s an interesting follow-up to come tomorrow. 🙂

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