Start-Up Costs for Chickens

Great article if you’re thinking about getting chickens!

Small House Big Sky Homestead

I’ve had questions about what are the typical start-up costs for chickens? I’m not sure there is a typical per see and a lot depends on your geographic area, but this is what we spent on ours.

VERT coop-waterbin USE

Looking at the coop and chicken run area from the vegetable garden side. The galvanized tub is for garden water containment and spot watering. We fill 5-gallon buckets from the rain and then transfer the water to the horse trough. Not much is wasted here at the Small House Homestead!

When we first got chickens about 12 years ago, we did it on the cheap. I think all that we bought was a couple of pieces of plywood and a galvanized feeder and water at the flea market for something like $7.00 each. Our vegetable garden was already fenced in; however it was fencing the size of cattle panels, not smaller holed chicken…

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