Philly Chicken Cheesesteak Subs

recipe chicken cheese steak philly

Okay…so there’s no steak…but does that not look like the most delicious thing ever? And, SURPRISE, it’s super cheap to make. This is by far one of the most delicious things I’ve ever just thrown together. Let’s begin.

-2 Med. Chicken Breasts, sliced (you could really use any chicken part for this)
-1 Red Pepper, sliced
-1 Med. Onion, sliced
-2 Sub Buns (I bought six in the bakery section for $2)
-Kraft Singles (or better cheese, just slice it thin)
-Salt, Pepper (and cajun if you wish)
-Olive Oil

Ready? I’m about to blow your mind with how simple this is.

1) Prepare your ingredients and add them to a hot pan with olive oil, all at once, including the seasonings.

2) Get those buns ready. Line the bottom of the bun with thinly sliced cheese (I used one kraft single torn in half). This will melt the cheese, create a nice sauce and stop the bun from getting soggy.

3) Fry the chicken and veggies until done and adjust your seasonings (I like my subs peppery). Add the fried stuff to the bun and make sure to add too much. This is a one item meal.

Note: If you use store bought chicken, you will probably have an excess of water in the bottom of the pan while cooking (they inject chicken with salt water to up the poundage), just siphon some of it off. You want a small amount of juice, not a soup.

4) Add your other cheese slice to the top of the sub and wait for it to melt, or, if you’re impatient like me, pop it in the broiler for less than a minute and enjoy!

The nice thing about this recipe is the cheese on the bottom and the juices from the chicken mix and create a cheese sauce in the bottom of the sub. We also made two super stuffed subs and still had enough left over for one more sub! Make this for friends or at a party! It’s delicious!

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