No Success Hunting this Weekend

hunting deer
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Well, no success this weekend….

We went out Saturday evening to my grandpa’s farm and we only succeeded in freezing to death. I can’t believe how cold it got! While we were there the soybeans were being harvested, so it was pretty noisy. We did see one six point buck when we got there, but it was dead for the rest of the night. Unfortunately we didn’t have turkey licenses or I could have gotten one of those!

We were going to go back out Sunday morning, but Dad accidently turned off his alarm the night before and we all slept in. So, instead of going out hunting and freezing our butts off (it was 20°F), we slept in, had a nice breakfast and enjoyed talking with one another. Dad helped us answer some questions about things we’re gonna need for the new house next summer and I helped him get started on Twitter.

We spent the afternoon with my friends Josh and Taylor (from high school). We went out to my favorite chinese restaurant and then we all went to Meijer to walk around, which is what we did for fun in high school because there was nothing to do. I let them know that we would be moving back toward them next summer and I’ve never seen anyone as giddy as Josh was about it. He’s been my best friend since 4th grade, so I guess he’s excited we’ll get to hang out more often.  It will be nice to have some friends close by. We have a few good friends here, but here in the city, everyone is so busy all the time.

Anyway, no deer for us, but Dad is hoping to get 1 or 2, so hopefully we can partake in that awesomeness. Dad also sent us home with probably close to $40 in beef that we didn’t ask for. I’m pretty excited about it, we’ve been eating chicken for the last 5 months straight….I’m kinda tired of it. Looking forward to a roast tonight!

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  1. Crystal L says:

    Sorry the hunt was a bust, but it sounds like the visit was lovely!

    1. It was! Haven’t seen my grandparents in quite a while, so it was very nice to see them!

      1. Crystal L says:

        I bet! Take advantage every chance you get to spend time with family, you don’t realize how short, or precious, that moments can be until you’re older and find yourself without any left. I have my sister, husband, daughter and granddaughter left. That’s it. Enjoy it!

      2. I lost my mom three years ago, it’s really made me want to move back where I can see them more often. Thankfully Justin understands and he’s okay with it.

      3. Crystal L says:

        I lost my mom 3 years ago this coming May. At the same time, what was left of my family pretty much walked away from me (I’m the black-sheep), so that left me pretty much on my own. It’s always a blessing to have a partner that understands. Justin sounds like a great guy!

      4. He is a good guy. I lost my mom in may of 2011. Then my step-dad kicked me out of the house and I went to live with my dad. Seemed like a lot of family dropped away, but at the same time, I was really bad off and I was pushing everyone away. But things are looking up now.

      5. Crystal L says:

        I’m glad they are. Healing is a process, and not an easy one.

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