Off Hunting This Weekend

Hey Everyone,

I’ll be gone this weekend, off to my Dad’s house. Justin and I are going deer hunting this weekend (Saturday mostly). I’m hoping we get something, because we could really use a full freezer at this time of year. We’re hoping to go down to my grandpa’s farm and hunt, he usually has an excess of deer eating all his corn. Maybe if I get one, Dad will process it and I’ll give him half of it! Venison is wonderful, but 150lbs of venison might be a little overboard for me…

Last year, going into winter, food prices skyrocketed, especially meat. Then, with extreme cold on top of that, they rose even further! Chicken went from 99 cents a pound to $2.99 a pound at some points. Let me tell you how much it sucks to have to be a vegetarian for a month or two because of food prices! There were even a few times where Ramen became dinner because it’s all we could afford.

Hopefully this year it will be different. We’ve cut a lot of excess and debt this past year! This might be the first year since our first Christmas that we get more than one thing for each other! I’m excited already! I’ve already ordered two great things for Justin for Christmas and since he reads these posts, I won’t be telling you what they are. Just know that he will love them!

So, lets hope it’s not as cold as it’s supposed to be (worse than last year) and that food prices don’t skyrocket again. I only have six kitty litter buckets with terrible store-bought dirt in them, I can’t even get tomatoes because of nutritional deficiencies! I can’t wait till we have a garden and I never have to worry about going hungry again!! Being poor is the dumbest thing ever, but if you are trying to be more thankful, frugal, or you need motivation to garden/homestead, I highly recommend poverty.

Have a great weekend and be safe tonight trick or treating!

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  1. Do you have any suitable space for a wormery (like a unheated larder or basement)? They don’t take up much room and produce amazing compost and tea which will enrich any soil. It’s incredible stuff!

    1. Right now we live in an apartment and we have no extra space at all. Half of our things remained packed so we can move around. I will probably be getting into that stuff when we find a home.

  2. Crystal L says:

    You’re right about poverty being an excellent motivator! I know it’s one of mine!

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