Pottery Pictures—New Work

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share what’s been happening in the pottery studio this week. We’re having a lazy weekend so it’s pictures for you!

ceramics pottery art craft handmade

This is half of a set of bowls I made. I tried to make each one a little different. I really love this style of decorating (I used colored slip on the pot just after it’s thrown). The marks are lively and energetic while being completely random. They give energy to the pot and movement without being calculated or stuffy.

ceramics pottery art craft handmade

Here is the other half. I’m always trying out new combinations to see what looks the best. Some are better than others for sure.

ceramics pottery art craft handmade

One of the platters I made. It looks pink, but the slip will be a dark-blue when it’s fired. This one is a little more stiff than what I usually do, but I really like it. I’m convinced that the hard lines in the center with the soft waves on the rim make one another more interesting. It’s a nice balance.

ceramics pottery art craft handmade

This one is just insanity. I think this decoration has a lot of energy, but it’s not my favorite. It’s a little too wild for me.

ceramics pottery art craft handmade

I am very proud of this teabowl. We did our first reduction firing just a couple days ago and I got this beauty out. My prof told me that this glaze does this “suspended drip” very well and I love it! Even though the glazed crawled (pulled from the surface) on top, I still love it. It’s still completely glazed and it looks beautiful. Even though it’s a mistake and considered a “ceramics no-no”, I really don’t care. I think it’s gorgeous. It has a uniqueness that cannot be copied.

So, yay pottery! I’ll have more pictures as I continue to create, I can’t wait to share them with you!

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Crystal L says:

    How beautiful! I love pottery! If I could do stuff like that, I probably wouldn’t get much else done!

    1. It’s what I hope to do for a living. Once we have our own house, my first order of business is to set up the studio and start selling!

      1. Crystal L says:

        Well, I’m very excited about that idea! I can’t wait to purchase some of your work!

      2. Thank you! I’ll let you know when it comes up for sale. I’ll be posting here about it for sure!

  2. steffi8534 says:

    O m g they are ALL GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful work!

  3. luxtied says:

    those are absolutely beautiful!

  4. hmalapanis says:

    I love these – including the one you said was “too wild.” Beautiful! Are you planning to make them available to sell?

    1. I’m hoping to once I secure a studio. At the end of the semester, I may offer them up for sale to raise money for a kiln. I’ll definitely be posting about it! Thanks for the interest!

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