Ameracaunas: Tracking the Path of the Chilean Chicken


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009fig012    Prof Salvador Castello Carreras

I was drawn to the “Ameracauna” because of the colored eggs they lay and because of a family connection to Chile where chickens used to breed the blue egg layers originated.   Tracing them is somewhat like solving a puzzle, not at all like the piece I did on the Orpingtons.

Truthfully, much of what is found in print on the breeds is at least partially myth if we are to believe archaeologists and such respected sources as the Ameracauna Breeders Club.  Some sources claim the Ameracauna was created from the Araucana although there is a mere 8 years between when the breeds were officially recognized, all agreed, however, that they both descend from South America, and Chile in particular.

The debate about the evolution of this breed stems from a great deal of research to determine whether chickens are native to America or whether they were brought over with the…

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