Making Social Media Work for Us

Hello Everyone!

So, I’m going to warn you about what I’m going to do, but I don’t want you to see it as an annoyance, but realize it’s a way for us to survive right now.

I’ve signed up for a website called IZEA and what they do is pay people who have an active social media account to place advertisements. At this point I am only accepting Twitter ads. The chances of any of my followers even seeing them are slim to none because people tweet over 500 million times a day, and that’s not joke (I looked it up).

I have started placing these ads for 3 reasons:
1) We are trying to buy a house and need all the extra money we can get
2) I put a lot of work into my Twitter to build it up (and continue to do so), so I would like something for my effort.
3) No job in this city will take me because of my school schedule, so I have to find a way to work on my own time. This, so far, is the best option.

If you do follow me on Twitter, I would like you to know that my regular scheduled tweets will continue I will be posting no more than 1-3 ads a day. I am attempting to personalize my Twitter more and become a better tweeter with better content, but please understand that I need to pay my own bills as well.

Now, if this interests you, you can join IZEA as well. You could even help me out be being a referral. Click here to visit. Please don’t feel obligated of course, it’s just an idea.

So far, that is the only thing I’m working on. I’m still exploring other platforms and ideas, but rest assured that I will not be creating posts on WordPress advertising things. This blog is about Justin and I, not about products. I have never once been paid for my opinion on this site.

Thanks for reading, and see you guys tomorrow!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Crystal L says:

    Everyone has to pay the bills somehow. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! So far it’s going well!

  2. dreamfarming says:

    You should look into the amazon links that pay you. I like your book reviews and usually check the price on amazon after reading them. I don’t mind adds on the blogs I read as long as they are not pop ups.

    1. I might look into that. So far I’ve just been doing reviews on books I’ve read for free. I just wanted to share those books with everyone. I will check it out though, thanks!

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