Unfollowing Ebola Fear-Mongers

Anybody who reblogs or posts about Ebola will be unfollowed by me and most likely blocked. This fear-mongering and hysteria needs to end. If there was an actual outbreak, then we need to stay calm and listen, not freak out and destroy each other in the process. Don’t be part of the problem.


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  1. I have unfollowed so many blogs/websites about homesteading, because so many seem to constantly veer towards some sort of ‘apocalypse living’ eventually.
    I want to live simply and as self-sufficiently as possible, not so that I can survive world war 4, but because it is a positive, socially responsible and satisfying way to live!

    1. Agreed! The point of me trying to homestead is to achieve a more peaceful and less fearful life. Ever since my Mom died I’ve been super anxious about everything and I’m trying to fix that. So getting out into the country gets me away from the craziness of the city and it gives me something to do to keep my mind away from the hysteria. I’m also stubbornly independent, so purchasing services or not being able to care for myself drives me insane and I want to learn how to do that better.

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