Growing Our Social Media Presence

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Hey Everyone!

Well, I’ve been hard at work the past week (in my free time) growing our social media presence. I know that in order to have a successful blog and possibly a successful business (my etsy shops) I need to have a social media presence. I wished they would have taught us this in school, but Myspace was still popular when I was in high school and at college they were having a hard time adjusting to facebook, let alone teaching us about it. Everything is just evolving so fast that it’s hard to get a decent education on it.

Over the past week we have gained 15-ish more likes on Facebook. Not surprising….it’s hard to grow a facebook following when facebook is starting to phase out. The younger generation has left facebook because it lacks freedom. When your entire extended family is watching you day and night and hounding you about what you say or do, I can understand. So, I’m not really worried about facebook, but it’s nice to have followers there as well.

Twitter has EXPLODED. Holy smokes. I started implementing some Twitter methods and WOW! I’ve gained over 600 followers this week. That’s not as amazing as it sounds, but it is a good sign. Because of that I’ve already started to see views on Etsy and on WordPress increase in small increments. I’ve also had my recipes and posts shared across the internet, which is really nice. I’m building a web of support and so far Twitter is my greatest asset. I know that if I want a successful business in the pottery world, I need a Twitter presence and I need followers, a lot of them. I consider it a portion of my “job”.

Surprisingly, we have gained no new followers on WordPress lately, but our views have been steadily climbing. Next month marks our 1 year on WordPress and I’ll share my stats then. We have seen exponential view/visitor growth in the past two months and I have all you fine people to thank for that!! I’m not really sure how to build a larger following on WordPress, maybe I should research that. I really enjoy blogging and I would love to have more of you! I look forward to your comments everyday!

My Etsy Shops will be consolidated after the new year. I’m not sure if I’m going to rename and redo one of them or if I’m just going to combine them in a different way. I’m going to be reviewing our sales from the past year and dropping products that don’t sell, while keeping those that do. It’s going to be a big overhaul.

I’m trying to focus my output. I used to start a new hobby or business every month, but nothing ever worked. I get discouraged very easily and that’s something I’m trying to overcome. This past year I’ve realized that I need to focus my efforts or I’m never going to get anywhere.  People say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, but I really don’t have time to be babysitting 27 baskets. It’s time to have 1 or 2 baskets and to hell with the rest. FOCUS!

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Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be grocery shopping today!


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