“Bus Hat” Knitting Project

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Hello Everyone! I thought I would share my newest project with you!

When it starts to cool off at this time of year I’m hit with the overwhelming urge to knit. I think to myself “six pairs of gloves and 10 hats are NOT going to keep us warm this winter”!! And so, I buy yarn and start knitting.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac (who was right last year), this winter will be worse than the last. They were talking about more extended periods of deep-freeze. I’m sure everyone will be freaking out about the “polar vortex” and I’ll just be in my home, knitting and staying warm. As long as I am stocked in flour, we won’t starve even if we somehow got stuck here.

Anyway, I made this hat last week and I really like it. That pattern is pretty repetitive and it’s easy to memorize. I like the color combo I did, but you can do it in any color. It took me about 2 days to make it or roughly 4 hours. I was working a little slow, it’s been a while since I knitted with DPN’s.

Personally, I would adjust the pattern a bit. The fit is great, but for me, I have a big head, it was a tiny bit short. I would add another 2-5 rows to extend it past the 5.5″ it calls for. If you have a normal head, feel free to leave the pattern as written.

The pattern is free, you can find it here! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and the “Bus Hat Download” will be there. Click for Pattern

Enjoy your knitting and stay warm!



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  1. blinksan says:

    Any tips for a beginning knitter? I’ve managed to make a pretty basic scarf, but knitting language is all… gibberish to me. I want to knit though… its’ REALLY popular here and you can get a lot of supplies from the dollar store (they have a whole array of knitting needles… I was shocked).

    1. Youtube and Ravelry.

      Go to Ravelry and you can find a whole ton of free patterns and you can search for beginner patterns as well using their adv. searching. It’s broken down into categories.

      Whenever you come across knitting language that you don’t understand, I can guarantee there are about 500 youtube videos of that stitch or technique. I learned all of my knitting from youtube. I still come across things I don’t know once in a while and I look them up to learn them.

      Keep practicing! It takes time, but it’s well worth it!!

      1. blinksan says:

        Thanks Ben! ^^

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