The Building Of A Farm In Pictures – 4 Years In 40 Photos

Amazing Journey, check it out!

Old World Garden Farms

It’s hard to believe – but it has been four years since that fall day in 2010 when we began to clear the land to start our little farm.

The Farm - mid summer 2014 The Farm – mid summer 2014

To celebrate the anniversary – we thought we would stop and take a look back at the last four years in pictures – from the moment the brush was first cleared, right up to this past week’s harvest.

Although some of the early photos are a little grainy, (posting pictures for a website wasn’t much of thought back then 🙂 ) – they all help to tell the story of OWG.

Here are 40 photos from the last four years of building the farm…

Happy Gardening –
Jim and Mary
Old World Garden Farms

For week by week pictures and stories from the entire farm building process – you can also check out our Sunday Farm Updates tab. (see:…

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