Back to Eden—Movie

Back to Eden is a documentary about Paul who is a no-till, mulching gardener. His take is that “God created nature to be self-sufficient” so he tries to use natural systems of decomposition in his garden to grow vegetables and small orchard. His techniques are successful and he harvests more than he could ever use, so he shares it with the community.

The movie does have some religious context, but I would implore you to ignore it (if it suits you) and focus on the gardening aspect. I learned a lot from this movie and I think you will too!

Watch Back to Eden here for free!



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  1. solarbeez says:

    We don’t till, but we do spade. My wife and I have talked about the no-till method, but what do you do about slugs? Our winters are relatively mild, but our slugs will hide in the mulch and mow down the new seedlings.
    This year we’re going to plant all the bare ground with clover. I’m even going to plant clover with the garlic. I’ve found that the ground stays loose if there’s something growing in it. I’d like to keep the ground around the garlic loose. The clover can pull nitrogen out of the air and put it in the ground…it might help the garlic, who knows…it’s worth a try.
    When you get slugs this size, you know you have to remove the mulch more often… 🙂

    1. MY GOD! Is that real??? I wouldn’t even kill that thing I would donate it to a zoo!!
      The guy in this movie lives in Washington State, so they get a nice freeze during the winter to help out. It seems like he keeps heavy mulch in the orchard, but really fine mulch in the garden. That way there is room for oxygen, but no room for pests. He did mention that the animals realized it was a feeding ground and they came in, devouring the pests. I think it would all have to be adjusted depending on climate.

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