The Homesteading Infection Spreads

Well, it was bound to happen I suppose. I finally infected Justin with the Homesteading Disease, and in the best possible way! He has different interests than I do!

I firmly believe in working together, but working together toward a goal on separate things is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Especially since I am stubborn, ornery, and hard to work with. And if you don’t do it my way you ain’t doin’ it right. But enough about how horrible I am, let’s talk about Justin’s interests!

Goats and Bees. 

I will say, I expected goats. Justin has two weaknesses, cute animals and baked goods. Goats are adorable, they can be milked, and then Justin can persuade me to bake something with said goat cream. So really, this isn’t about Justin raising goats as much as it is about me cooking more cakes and pies for him.

Bees, however, I did not expect. One, they are bugs, neither of us really like bugs. Two, they can sting you. Again, we hate bugs and their bites. Three, they are bugs. I really can’t get over the fact that Justin actually wants to raise insects. But, remember, raising bees means honey, honey means baked goods. Do you see a theme here? Also, I’m pretty sure Justin was a bear in a past life, he can never keep his grubby paws out of the honey jar!! Yeesh!

So, as per usual, I got him a couple books at the library to get him started while I read up on chickens. Really, this is a joint venture, so he needs to do his own research.

beekeeping bees bee homesteading goats dairy homestead goat
(Pricing Options here)


So dairy goats. Justin grew up on a dairy farm in Hillsdale, MI and he knows how to milk. It’s a good thing too because I wouldn’t know what to do with a teat even if it wanted to be milked. (That was a bad piece of humor). So this venture is all his. This book, Raising Milk Goats Successfully seemed like an old title, but might be a little bit more trustworthy and home-grown than the new, chemical-laden, techniques of today.

beekeeping bees bee homesteading goats dairy homestead goat
(Pricing Options Here)

This book, Beekeeping: A Practical Guide, was slim pickings at the library. They had an entire section on why bees are important, but nothing about taking care of them or keeping them. I plan on finding more books and either purchasing them or borrowing them if Justin decides that he’s really into this.

Well, I’ll let Justin read for a couple weeks and let him decide if this is something he wants to do before we start dropping money on collecting these books. If you have any suggestions for beekeeping or goat keeping books, please comment below! I can’t wait to see him get started and maybe, someday, I’ll see him get all nerdy about a new beehive or a new goat kid. It’s always fun to watch someone else geek out about something they love.



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