Witchy Wednesday–Autumn is here.

Apparently I was wrong about the date of Mabon this year, the equinox shifted thanks to some weird calendar things. So it was yesterday.

We didn’t really do much. Having no garden or extra money, we really didn’t have a “harvest bounty” to celebrate. In fact, we had to go spend more money than we had to get my glasses updated…ugh. Oh well, I gotta see!

I figured I would just share some of my favorite pictures with you.

mabon autumn fall photography art homestead


This is a park near my undergrad school in Adrian, MI. I loved this park. I did find out senior year that a lot of people (really shady people) met up there to have sex….so I avoided it near nightfall.

mabon autumn fall photography art homestead


I love how the foundation of the bridge is crumbling away, but still doing it’s job.

mabon autumn fall photography art homestead


Nerdy photographer photo.

mabon autumn fall photography art homestead


What is fall without leaves? They were such a gorgeous color.

Well, it was short and sweet, but still beautiful! Enjoy your fall and get outside while you can, the snow is coming!! Take some great pictures, make good memories. Then, 5 years from now, you can look back on them and remember how wonderful it was.



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  1. solarbeez says:

    When I look at leaves, I start looking forward to getting them. Around my place we have mostly pine needles. So I ‘stake out’ people in town who have large deciduous trees. If they bag the leaves, I’ll take them off their hands. Then I use them in the compost, bury them in the garden, use the bagged leaves for insulation around outside pipes and faucets. I LOVE LEAVES!

    1. If we get into the kind of house we are looking for, I will be beating the trash guy to the bags of leaves on the collection day. I can’t wait to have a compost pile and a flock of chickens to go through it.

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