Kitty Litter Gardens-The Corn is Gone

garden indoor homestead homesteading farm farming

Yep, there it is. I messed up. We didn’t get any corn from this batch. By the time the silk emerged, it was yellowing and the tassels were pollen-less.

Apparently I overestimated the amount of water that the buckets hold on to and the corn dried up too quickly. In combination with that, it was planted late and the days are getting shorter, so it went to tassel very quickly. Now it’s become a decoration for fall in our home, which is totally fine. I had a great time growing it and come spring, I will be growing more.

garden indoor homestead homesteading farm farming  

As you can see, my tomatoes are looking quite well. I haven’t been pruning them at all like I thought I would, but I’m just happy they are there. I love the smell of tomato plants, so just having it around is really nice.

garden indoor homestead homesteading farm farming


And! It’s producing! Not much, but a little. I’ve got about 8 tomatoes on right now. These four are the largest. I keep pollinating the flowers, so hopefully we’ll get a few more! I’ll keep you updated weekly on how they are doing!

garden indoor homestead homesteading farm farming


BEANS! Well, a couple. These plants were doing great and then suddenly, poop. They were pale and turning yellow and they quite growing upwards. I’m letting these pods fully develop to get some fresh seeds. The beans I planted were probably over 2 years old, so the seeds might have just not had any life to them. If you have any ideas, please let me know, I’m at a loss with this one.


garden indoor homestead homesteading farm farming


The Lemon Tree from seed is still doing great. I would venture to guess it’s put on almost 2ft this year in growth, which is awesome! Especially for an indoor plant! I will be pruning the top of it soon so it can start branching out. I’m going to be very picky about it branching and shape. I’m gonna have a nice tree!!

Since there are now 3 open buckets, bereft of corn, I have started planting them again. One I planted basil, the other is Calendula (because flowers) and the third I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see what I come up with. I should have some pictures of them next week when they come up a bit more!

Well, that’s it for Kitty Litter Gardens! See you next week!



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