Witchy Wednesday–Mabon is this weekend!

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Taken from ReanDeanna on Deviantart (labeled for reuse)


Mabon is just around the corner! Time to get prepared! It’s next week!

Mabon Lore:
-Mabon is the Autumnal Equinox (at the right point in the day, you can balance eggs on their points because of the equinox and equal gravitational pulls)
-Mabon is the celebration of the Harvest. By this time of year, most crops have come in and are in full production mode before the cold weather sets in.
-Mabon is the son of the Great Mother Modron in Celtic Mythology. He was born on the equinox and then stolen three nights later. (look up this myth, it’s pretty cool)
-Thanksgiving was originally celebrated on Mabon by the pilgrims, it wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln took office that it was moved to the last Thursday in November.

So, cook yourselves a nice meal, I know I will, have some friends over and share the bounty from your lives this past year. Be thankful for what you have going into winter and for all that you have accumulated and worked for over the summer. Start canning your extras and putting up your garden bounty for winter use! There is nothing like fresh tomatoes or strawberries in the dead of winter! Especially ones that taste like they are straight out of the garden!

Blessed be!



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