Sunday On the Homefront

Well, I’m now dedicating Sundays to our home-buying excursions. I’ll give you guys and update every Sunday. It’s gonna be slow to start out, but it will pick up speed around November or so.

thermometer home saving savings buying homstead

This is my “kitschy housewife” way of making our savings plan visual, since I’m a very visual person. At the end of each month I will tally what’s in our savings account and write it up on the wall and fill in the appropriate space. That way we both feel like we’re accomplishing something and we can see if happening. Hopefully this will give us motivation to save more.

Down Payment Assistance:
We are looking to a program here in Washtenaw County that helps low-moderate income families and first-time home buyers with the down payments for their home. We are signing up for a class today, which will probably take place in October. Then we have to do an “individual” meeting and they will assess us to see if we are ready. I don’t really see how we couldn’t be, but who knows. It’s some strange and mysterious process.

I just finished reading Home Buying for Dummies, which really was immensely helpful. Now I’m having Justin read it so when we go into the Down Payment Assistance, we don’t have a whole ton of new information to cover. Hopefully that will speed things along. I’m also hoping that it will turn this whole operation into something we can  actually understand instead of a whole bunch of real estate gibberish.

Meeting with our Agent:
We meet with our Agent this Monday. We are going to get the ball rolling on everything and get prepared. She’s also gonna give us the “speech” again, we’ll make sure we’re ready for this, and we’ll go for it.


Read next Sunday for the update!



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