Update on Frank (please reblog)

10606499_10204829426444227_4134261737731245057_n (1)


So, we emptied out our piggy banks yesterday and took Frank to the vet (we were worried about his health because of some things he had been doing). Turns out, Frank is a boy like we thought and he’s better than healthy! He’s a downright perfect bunny. The vet said he was mostly likely part Dwarf rabbit, but she suspects he’s a mutt and she’s never seen a coloration like this. (If you have any ideas, let us know!)

The other good news is, he doesn’t need to be neutered. He shows no signs of aggressiveness and is not attracted to inanimate objects or the cat, so we’re good to go there! That will save us $150!!

We still want to get Frank a nice hutch (we’ve raised a little money so far), if you could reblog this and help us out, we would really appreciate it!

Donations for Frank the Grumpy Bunny: http://www.gofundme.com/dofwz0




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